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BARWIS, the world’s leader in holistic human performance optimization, has worked with thousands of professional teams and players of all levels and sports leagues. We work with athletes from youth to high school, college, professional, and Olympic level from various countries around the world. BARWIS is internationally renowned for its Professional Grade Sports Training, Injury Recovery & Prevention, and Neurological Reengineering Program, all fortified with proven results.

BARWIS is uniquely positioned at the apex of the developing fields of sports science, sports performance, strength & conditioning, physical therapy, athletic training, general health and fitness protocols, nutritional products and services, chiropractic services, recovery and rejuvenation, evaluation and assessment, and Neurological Reengineering for people with disabilities. BARWIS overlaps and integrates all these independent fields and is setting the standard for modern-day health, fitness, and performance.

A Palm Beach Gardens Soccer partnership would provide a model for integrating cutting-edge, scientific techniques, and performance enhancement in all aspects of the Predators' community life and culture. 




BARWIS is a world-renowned sports performance and injury recovery conglomeration led by its founder and CEO, Mike Barwis. Mike has been voted as one of the most influential strength coaches in history with decorated achievements in the collegiate, professional and Olympic levels of sports, as well as worldwide recognition for his pioneering work in neurophysiology and creating the field of neurological reengineering as he worked both with injured athletes and the general population.

Mike founded the first BARWIS company in 2011 with the number of successful companies within BARWIS growing rapidly ever since. BARWIS has a massive international following with millions of individuals in professional athletics, medical professions, and the general public because of Mike’s iconic status in the emerging field of strength and conditioning. Discovery Channel’s show “American Muscle,” featured Mike, our staff, and clientele.