ARS Screen

Designed by Mike Barwis, the BARWIS ARS Screen is a comprehensive, full-body neuromuscular assessment. During this screen, there is an evaluation of each joint and muscle group in order to: establish levels of neurological activation and firing patterns, ascertain neuromuscular firing sequences for primary movers and synergist assisters, and determine joint and muscle ranges of motion and the causes of resistance throughout those ranges. The BARWIS ARS Screen becomes the foundation for a personalized training program with appropriate daily workout protocols and exercises designed to counteract imbalances, correct improper biomechanics, re-assimilate neurological firing patterns, and overcome current and inhibit future injuries. This screen is actively used in five professional sports leagues to evaluate players and in our neurological re-engineering program.

Performance Assessment

Designed by Mike Barwis, the Performance Assessment is a comprehensive analysis of essential movement patterns that involve all aspects of performance. This combine style assessment utilizes the world’s most cutting edge technology in the form of laser timing, force plates, and other elite tools to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of an athlete’s performance capabilities. BARWIS for years has provided these tests for the world’s top professional leagues, teams, and individuals. These assessments are now available at all BARWIS training centers. Programs are devised from the results to enhance both strengths and weaknesses and correct imbalances shown by testing to insure an athlete’s success. The progression of an athlete and their development can be followed via their records of future tests in comparison to the past. Getting recruiters and individuals a guide through history of the development of an athlete and allowing the athlete to compete with others and themselves.


The BARWIS Total Athletic Package (TAP) includes an ARS Screen, the Performance Assessment Combine and a Personal Training Package. The screen and assessment exposes an athletes’ physiological issues, biomechanical imbalances and performance weaknesses. The personalized training then addresses these discoveries with corrective exercises and training cycles that reduce the risk of injury and enhance performance. This package is for the athlete who wants a personalized and customized program that will take them to their highest level of performance.


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