BARWIS, the world’s leader in holistic human performance optimization, has worked with thousands of professional and Olympic athletes, Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, and health care and insurance companies. BARWIS provides services for training in sports performance, physical therapy, athletic training, physical education protocols, nutritional protocols, and Neurological Reengineering for people with disabilities, helping individuals of all
ages and abilities achieve their maximum potential. A BARWIS partnership with your organization would provide a model for integrating cutting-edge, scientific techniques in performance enhancement into all aspects of neighbouring community life. With many options for levels of services, a fully integrated Powered By BARWIS program or BARWIS Performance Center would draw international recognition for a holistic approach to individual development while intensifying the attraction to live in and invest in your surrounding community.



BARWIS is internationally renowned for its Professional Grade Sports Training with proven results.

BARWIS is uniquely positioned at the apex of the developing fields of sports performance, physical therapy, athletic training, general health and fitness protocols, nutritional products and services, chiropractic services, recovery and rejuvenation, evaluation and assessment and Neurological Reengineering for people with disabilities. BARWIS overlaps and integrates all of these independent fields and is setting the standard for modern-day training.

BARWIS carefully selects and appropriately integrates everything related to increasing human performance.


Training is the core of the BARWIS offerings. Whether it is gymnastics, football, field hockey, or hockey, BARWIS Training is useful for every type and level of movement-based action, preparing the individual for the rigors of their use. The adaptive training cycles accommodate for in-and off-season training needs, personalized for the individual’s own development as well as stage of life and career. Thousands of pro and Olympic athletes from over 44 sporting events across the globe have trained with Barwis with more coming every day.

BARWIS team members work directly with center leaders, coaches, students, and parents to ensure BARWIS Training is implemented at a high level. Since BARWIS is holistic in how
it operates, we are able to help groups with services such as facility design, equipment, apparel, nutritional consultation, and even wellness coaching. We offer clinics, camps, and wellness classes designed to bring out the optimized performance of athletes and their parents alike.
The guiding principle behind BARWIS Training is to help individuals of ALL ages and abilities achieve their own personal maximum potential, the potential they didn’t even know existed.


Our Performance Centers integrate the science, the technology, and the human spirit that the entire family of BARWIS represents. Whether here for training, recovery, physical therapy or to be a part of a global community dedicated to holistic improvement, we want you to feel like you are home when you are here.

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