BARWIS, the world’s leader in holistic human performance optimization, has worked with thousands of professional teams and players of all levels and sports leagues. We work with athletes from youth to high school, college, professional, and Olympic level from various countries around the world. BARWIS is internationally renowned for its Professional Grade Sports Training, Injury Recovery & Prevention, and Neurological Reengineering Program, all fortified with proven results.

BARWIS is uniquely positioned at the apex of the developing fields of sports science, sports performance, strength & conditioning, physical therapy, athletic training, general health and fitness protocols, nutritional products and services, chiropractic services, recovery and rejuvenation, evaluation and assessment, and Neurological Reengineering for people with disabilities. BARWIS overlaps and integrates all these independent fields and is setting the standard for modern-day health, fitness, and performance.


The BARWIS Executive Health and Wellness program has been designed to help those in pursuit of greatness optimize their health and drastically improve their daily productivity. Your fully integrated holistic program will include biometric screenings, lifestyle assessments, nutritional counseling sessions, personalized training, and mental performance coaching. 


We believe there is no limit to what you can achieve with a purposefully designed program based on neurophysiology, biomechanics, metabolic science, and more. Your BARWIS Wellness Team will create an individualized program with the highest level of detail for your mind and body in order to achieve uncommon results. 


When you enter a BARWIS program, you join our family of high achievers, each with our own challenges and aspirations. When you come under our wing, we commit to your goals as our own and offer transformational preventative health methodologies that have been successful for thousands of world-class athletes and executives around the world.



BARWIS is a world-renowned holistic human performance and injury recovery conglomerate led by its founder and CEO, Mike Barwis. Mike has been voted as one of the most influential strength coaches in history with decorated achievements in the collegiate, professional and Olympic levels of sports as well as worldwide recognition for his pioneering work in neurophysiology and creating the field of neurological reengineering.


Mike founded the first BARWIS company in 2011 and the number of successful companies within BARWIS has grown rapidly since that time. BARWIS has a  massive following with millions of individuals in professional athletics, medical professions, business leaders, and the general public clients looking to Mike and the BARWIS team of professionals to develop personalized and comprehensive programs that integrate evaluating, testing, training, and tracking in a way that produces uncommon results.

Mike Barwis currently serves as the Director of Sports Science and Human Performance for the Detroit Red Wings. Formerly, Mike held the positions of Senior Advisor of Sports Performance for the New York Mets, consultant for the Miami Dolphins, Director of Strength & Conditioning of West Virginia University, and Director of Human Performance for the University of Michigan.


Lifestyle Assessment


A BARWIS lifestyle is a science-based approach to optimizing health, wellness, performance, and productivity. Under the direction and guidance of Mike Barwis, your assigned BARWIS team will gather information about your sleeping patterns, hydration, eating habits, stress levels, physical activity, neuromuscular patterns, mindset, and more in order to provide you meaningful insights about your health and a personalized action plan to improve overall well being and performance. 


Your BARWIS Operations Director will coordinate the times and dates for each evaluation as well as plan for follow-up meetings and training sessions. The meetings with your operations director will be two times a month with email and text support on a daily basis. In addition to coordinating time with each team member, you will also have the opportunity to meet with your entire BARWIS team once a month. This meeting will be a time to review your progress and tailor the next steps to achieve your goals.

Physical Therapy

BARWIS Physical Therapy is the nation’s most advanced form of therapy focused on orthopedic issues, common sports and training injuries, and post-surgical issues. We create a comprehensive transitional program from injury to game-play while incorporating cutting-edge technology and practices. 


​We offer onsite & offsite customized one-on-one programming with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Our focus with each member of the family will be on maximizing mobility, coordination, strength, balance, and daily function. Our globally renowned rehabilitation used by professional and Olympic athletes is available to anyone.


Executive health and wellness families can work with a physical therapist by having an initial evaluation and scheduling treatment up to two sessions per week per family.

Biometric Screening


BARWIS Biometric Screening collects and centralizes the information we need to understand your current health status and make the best decisions for you when it comes to nutrition, training, sleep, and more. Each day we will test and track these areas with the following wearable devices:

Omega Wave

Omegawave takes a unique approach to measuring readiness for training. Through the combination of fields including neurophysiology, cardiovascular physiology, and exercise physiology, Omegawave gives us an in-depth look at how different systems are functioning with one another which allows us to judge optimal times for you to train or to recover.


Sleep Timer

Sleep and fatigue are among the most important factors affecting productivity and performance. Fatigue Science is a wearable wristband that a person wears while they sleep, tracking movement, sleep patterns, gaps in sleep, etc. Based on a multitude of variables, Fatigue Science will give us fatigue scores, which allows the trainers to know if you are good to go and or if your program may need to be modified that day.



During exercise, one of the main ways a person’s body regulates its temperature is through the process of sweating. When an athlete sweats, however, they lose both water and electrolytes previously stored in their body. Prior to a workout, an athlete should be in a state of euhydration - which essentially means not dehydrated, but also not overly hydrated - your body’s natural level of hydration is in balance. If hydration testing is done prior to a workout, it can be determined whether a person is at an optimal level or if they are insufficiently hydrated and therefore will not be able to participate to their fullest.


Refractometry is the method we suggest using for testing hydration as it is very accurate and efficient as urine testing can be. This method involves a light being passed through the sample, measuring how much the beam has refracted.

Nutrition & Dietetics

BARWIS Nutrition offers comprehensive nutrition protocols personalized for each person’s age, goals, activity level, etc.. These protocols include focusing on keeping a healthy diet, improving eating habits, using proper supplementation, learning new cooking techniques and meal prep methods.


Your BARWIS Nutrition program will include the following; 

  • Consultation with BARWIS Registered Dietician

  • Food diary recording to track effectiveness

  • Meal plan menus for individualized weight and health goals

  • Recommendations for daily supplementation to support the healthy diet and body transformation process

  • Text and Email Support 

  • Follow up meetings to discuss progress and changes

  • Blood and genetic testing to help develop a way of eating that is in line with each person’s body


Maureen Stoeklein, RD

While serving as a full-time firefighter, Maureen is a private practice dietitian for BARWIS, and is starting her first season as Team Dietitian for the Detroit Tigers baseball organization  (previously New York Mets).

Cardio. Strength. Conditioning. Corrective Exercises. Mobility.

Train like a professional athlete! BARWIS certified trainers are experts in delivering safe, science-based and effective programs that integrate your fitness priorities into each session. Our training program includes assessments that determine areas of strength and weakness, exercise prescriptions that address the imbalances and deficits discovered that could lead to increased discomfort or injury, and accountability measures that help trainers monitor and assess effectiveness, BARWIS training techniques will have you feel and look your best so you can enjoy a productive and active lifestyle.

Your BARWIS Performance Program Includes:

ARS Screen:

The BARWIS ARS Screen provides a detailed assessment of the Activation, Inhibition, Range of Motion, Impedance, and Synergistic Patterns of the Neuromuscular System in order to develop a customized corrective exercise program that resolves imbalances, weaknesses, and inefficiencies. This will be an on-site or at-home session. As a result, we will build a corrective exercise program to address the deficiencies and imbalances discovered during the screen to optimize your overall health and efficiency and eliminate future barriers to a functional lifestyle. 

Virtual Personal Training

BARWIS certified trainers will work with each person 2 times per week. A trainer will work with you online at a time that is best and go through a one-hour session that includes the following:

  • Personalized Exercise Prescription catered to match goals and needs

  • Mobility and Corrective Exercises to address discovered imbalances

  • Recovery Routine to restore energy and resolve muscle soreness

Personalized Training App 

BARWIS Anywhere is an exclusive app developed to provide our clients with access to a training program to follow on your own 2-3 times a week or as determined by your trainer. This app is easy to use with a clearly written up plan for each session and videos to demonstrate each exercise. Your corrective exercise program can also be found on the app. 

Mental Performance Coaching

BARWIS Mental Performance Coaching focuses on helping clients establish a winning mindset in everything they do by further developing each person’s grit, determination, and resiliency. None of this is possible to develop unless you know who you are and what you stand for. This foundational component of the mental skills program will be explored and encourage you to train and live with a higher level of intentionality and purpose. Your mindset, stress management, emotional well-being, balanced energy, and more can be explored with your coach with one or two training sessions per week per family. 


Laura Greeley, MS

Laura offers one-on-one mental skills coaching, team workshops and training for coaches, each with an individualized approach to address specific needs. Her ability to understand the mental and physical demands of sport allows her to support each athlete holistically to ensure optimal performance is achieved. 

Options for expansion of current services or additional services available upon request.


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