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NFL Combine Training


Performance Training - Athletic Recovery - ARS Screen - Mental Performance 

Nutrition - Physical Therapy  - Massage Therapy - Chiropractic Services - Yoga

Developed over 30 years by Mike Barwis, one of the world’s top strength and conditioning coaches, the BARWIS Methods® is a holistic and personalized approach that incorporates Neurological Reengineering® modern sports science, manual manipulations, biomechanics, psychology, spiritual truth, and individualized, physiologically designed and adapted training cycles.

We bring together the components of Elite Performance Training, Athletic Recovery, Physical Therapy, Mental Performance, Nutrition, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic Services, and Yoga to better serve and prepare the athlete for the demands of football. 


“If you want to be put to the test, Barwis will make you the best. Come ready to work every day, because Mike doesn’t settle for less.”

- Brandon Graham, 

Philadelphia Eagles Defensive End, Super Bowl LII Champion, 2016 All-Pro, Big Ten Most Valuable Player

To get started in our NFL Combine & Pro Day Training Program, contact our Business Director, Hilary Presberg at 954-449-0850 ext. 102 or