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Neurological Reengineering



BARWIS helps people regain motor function through Neurological Reengineering — the process of using the cutting-edge BARWIS Applied Scientific Techniques and the BARWIS Methods to increase a person’s neuromuscular activation and control. This is the core of the injury recovery programs provided by BARWIS where they help the brain to relocate, activate, and control muscle fibers. Our strength coaches are hands-on and provide applied methods of re-establishing and creating pathways to increase neural stimulus and motor control. The BARWIS non-profit First Step Foundation helps people get access to these programs if they require financial assistance.



Anyone with...

  • Neuromuscular Injuries & Disorders

  • Spinal Cord Injuries

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Stroke Victims

  • Combat Injuries & Traumatic Brain Injuries

  • … and more!


Our hands-on, experienced staff helps the brain to relocate, activate, and control muscle fibers with applied methods of reestablishing and creating pathways to increase neural stimulus and motor control.


If you are seeking help recovering from an injury or neuromuscular disorder, your experience will begin with an initial evaluation and assessment. The initial evaluation is necessary as it helps our training staff design an individualized program to meet the client's specific needs. The initial evaluation will always have a trainer who is the designer of the program and a secondary trainer who will be involved with the implementation of the program with the client.

Most often, additional strength training must be done as muscles have atrophied and the neuromuscular system must adapt to the new intensities and directions that it is being subjected to. This process takes time and effort – it very seldom comes quickly and easily, but the length and intensity depends completely on the situation of each individual and leaves no cookie-cutter formula for people to follow; it will be a very specific, scientifically-based training program designed for each individual with periodic re-evaluations by the program designer who will write in adaptations to the training cycles depending on the progress and needs.



It may take some real-time and a great deal of effort to overcome your injuries or motor difficulties, often depending on your initial condition and attitude. For others, your change will be much faster, coming in with a cane and leaving it behind. Some people train 3-5 times per week, others come in for a short period and go home with specific exercises to work on their own before returning for a reevaluation. Depending on the nature of your injury and your current condition, it is possible for your training to be in a group environment, just with specific, calculated exercises to assist your recovery.

If you are seeking help and truly desire to progress in our program, it is very important that you come into it motivated, ready to work hard, determined to keep a good attitude and a steadfast belief that you will recover as your body conforms and adapts. With these character traits and our world-class training protocols, almost everybody comes through the program as a dramatically different person!


(All Locations: please send the Physician Referral form to your doctor to complete.)

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