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BARWIS Performance Training and Morning Read have teamed up to launch a new video series on golf fitness. 

Episode 1 - How Amateur Golfers Can Quickly Add Flexibility

Thoracic spine mobility is an area in which many amateur golfers lack a proficient range of motion. With golf being a rotational sport, it is very important to have this range to allow for a full shoulder turn around the spine. By following these exercises, golfers will be able to:

1.) Decrease their risk of injury/discomfort

2.) Create a more fluid swing

3.) Full rotation through the backswing and follow-through

Episode 2 - Control Your Core Muscles to Control Your Golf Swing

Core strength and stability are a foundation when developing a golf swing. The Pallof press is a great exercise to train this because your body has to overcome an external force to prevent undesired rotation. This translates to the swing because it trains the body to have control of the position of the body while rotating. The more control a golfer has within their core will provide more consistency in their game.

1.) Increased swing speed

2.) Less risk of pain and injury in the lower back

3.) Greater control through all positions in the swing

Episode 3 - Two Drills to Build Lower-Body Strength and Stabilize Your Swing

Lower-body strength is a crucial part of the golf swing. Sufficient strength through the legs will help the golfer create more force into the ground and stabilization in the follow-through when finishing their swing. Proper activation in the hips will prevent unnecessary shifting while rotating. 1.) Greater force production which can generate more speed 2.) More stabilization in all ranges of the swings 3.) Increased activation will teach more control in the hips

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