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Sidewalk Chef 2 Go

Located within BARWIS Performance Center of Deerfield Beach, FL

We are thrilled to introduce our newest partner, Sidewalk Chef Kitchen, a culinary powerhouse in the world of nutrition and performance. 

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We're delighted to introduce our collaboration with Sidewalk Chef, a leading name in the world of nutritional meal prep. Teaming up with Dr. Douglas S. Kalman, Ph.D., RD, they've brought a fresh approach to meal preparation, focusing on high-protein, low-carb Heat & Eat meals.

Their meals are expertly designed to cater to individuals looking to enhance their performance, be it professional athletes aiming for their peak or health-conscious enthusiasts. With a commitment to nutrition and fitness, Sidewalk Chef delivers well-balanced, versatile meals prepared fresh in-house, offering both convenience and nutrition. These meals have an impressive shelf life, lasting up to six months in the freezer or 5-7 days in the fridge, making it easy to enjoy their benefits. Just heat and savor.

Operating from BARWIS, Sidewalk Chef takes pride in serving a diverse range of professional athletes, including MMA fighters, football players, and baseball stars. They work closely with each athlete to create high-protein, clean meals tailored to their specific performance needs. We're excited to join hands with Sidewalk Chef to offer you a top-notch culinary experience focused on nutrition and convenience.


Click the button below to order Sidewalk Chef 2 Go for pickup

(at BARWIS Performance Center of Deerfield Beach, FL).


378 Hillsboro Technology Dr., 

Deerfield Beach, FL 33441




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Learn more about Sidewalk Chef and how they have redefined the art of meal preparation with their cutting-edge high-protein, low-carb Heat & Eat meals.

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