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Physical Therapy

Mental Performance

BARWIS Mental Performance focuses on establishing a champion’s mindset through intention, discipline, focus, and overcoming adversity. None of this is possible unless you know who you are and what you stand for. This foundational component of the mental skills program will encourage each athlete to train with purpose to maximize their potential every day.


Up to 90% of sport is mental, but training the brain to respond optimally with a healthy mindset, is often overlooked. It is rarely the physical component of sports that deters an athlete from performing to their potential. Their mental approach to the game will determine an athlete’s success and ability to perform consistently at any level. Understanding and developing the performance indicators within our control—attitude, effort, focus and response—will aid in decreasing doubt, fear, and anxiety so they can play the game with passion. 

Providing Mindest Coaching In-Person or Virtually:


Small Group


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Laura has 15+ years of experience in the sports performance industry, dedicating her career to the physical and mental development of athletes at all levels. She provides emotional and cognitive coaching for youth, high school, and collegiate athletes, as well as professional athletes in the NHL, NFL, MLB, USAG, and more. Her ability to relate to each athlete, identify opportunities for growth, and assist in the realization of their true potential, motivates her every day. Encouraging athletes to tap into their inner greatness is the foundational principle of the mental performance program. 


Laura’s passion for helping athletes perform consistently through disciplined routines and habits, overcome adversity, redirect performance anxiety, and manage pressure, has proven to be the missing link to optimal performance. Each of the skills developed not only enhance performance in sport but instill values to make each individual better equipped to handle life. 

Laura offers one-on-one mental skills coaching, team workshops, and training for coaches, each with an individualized approach to address specific needs. Her ability to understand the mental and physical demands of sport allows her to support each athlete holistically to ensure optimal performance is achieved. 

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