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Physical Therapy

Mental Performance

BARWIS Mental Performance focuses on establishing a winning mindset through grit, determination, and overcoming adversity. None of this is possible unless you know who you are and what you stand for. This foundational component of the mental skills program will encourage each athlete to train with intentionality and purpose.


We combine the importance of physical skills with the mental aspects of performance to enhance each athlete’s ability to obtain optimal levels in sport. Overcome the fear of injury, improve cognitive performance, take care of your own mental health, avoid consequences of psychological neglect, and return to sport with confidence. 



Laura joined the BARWIS family 2 years ago with the goal of launching our BARWIS Mental Skills program upon completion of her Master’s in Sports Psychology. She has spent the past 15 years of her career focusing on enhancing the physical performance of clients and athletes. Throughout this time, she noticed a strong disconnect between the physical and mental connection to performance and decided to pursue additional education to better aid in her ability to serve the athletes on and off the field.


Her passion for helping athletes overcome adversity, obtain the ability to get in the “zone”, redirect performance anxiety, and manage the added pressure of being in the spotlight, has proven to be the missing link to optimal performance.

Laura offers one-on-one mental skills coaching, team workshops, and training for coaches, each with an individualized approach to address specific needs. Her ability to understand the mental and physical demands of sport allows her to support each athlete holistically to ensure optimal performance is achieved. 

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