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BARWIS Athletic Recovery brings accessible and affordable injury recovery, better health, and optimized performance to athletes, business professionals, busy parents, and more. 


Whether you’re a professional athlete looking to get that competitive edge, a fitness enthusiast looking to restore energy, a high school athlete wanting to relieve soreness, a busy parent in need of time to recuperate, or a coach looking for a way to recharge the team and prevent injury, the BARWIS Recovery Room is here for you.

Membership Options

Unlimited Access to all Unassisted Recovery Room Equipment 


*discounted pricing available when bundling gym & class packages

Membership includes unlimited access to all of our unassisted equipment at any time: 

  • Venom Vibration and Heat Technology

  • Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

  • Hyperice Vibrating Rollers

  • Theraguns

  • Hypervolt

  • Hot Tub & Cold Tub

  • Infrared Saunas

For Recovery Room tools that require assistance from a Recovery Specialist, see below for Recovery Room Options:

Recovery Room Options:

  • Recovery Sessions ($60 each session)

  • Normatec Compression Therapy ($30 each session)

  • NICE Cold Compression Therapy ($30 each session)

  • Marc Pro Muscle Stimulator ($30 each session)

  • Small Unit Kala Red Light Therapy ($30 each session)

  • Full Body Kala Red Light Therapy ($60 each session)

  • ECP Machine ($80 each session)

See below for Recovery Session Options


*discounted 5 or 10-pack

packages available


Recovery Sessions

Get the most out of your training with our recovery sessions curated for you, whether you're an elite athlete or need some relief from everyday life. Each option uses a variety of our state-of-the-art recovery equipment, browse the package options below to see which one best fits your needs. Each package session will last 30-60 minutes and cost $60 each.


Post Run Recovery

Experience next-level recovery with our advanced package designed specifically for you. Our top-of-the-line devices for hip, back, and legs are carefully selected to alleviate soreness, prevent injury, and boost recovery after a long run or race. Get the support you need to stay at the top of your game.


Post Workout Full Body Recovery

Take your recovery to the next level with our full-body recovery package, designed to help you crush your next workout. Our cutting-edge devices target all areas of the body to reduce muscle soreness, aid in muscle repair and recovery, and promote relaxation. Recover like a pro and feel your best every time you hit the gym.


Arms Refresh

Achieve peak performance with our Arms Refresh Package, designed to help you recover faster and reduce soreness in your arms and upper body. With a variety of advanced devices, you'll feel the difference in your training sessions as you perform better than ever before.


Legs Refresh

Maximize your training and recovery with our Legs Refresh Package, designed to alleviate muscle soreness, aid in the recovery process, and get you back in the gym feeling stronger than ever. Our top-of-the-line devices for your legs and lower body will help you recover faster and train harder.


Normatec Series (Full Body)

Game-changer for athletes, enhances recovery, minimizes injury risk. This Recovery Room Session Includes assistance with the following devices: Normatec Arms, Hips, and Legs


Throwing Recovery

Advanced devices for throwing athletes to recover faster, reduce soreness. This Recovery Room Session Includes assistance with the following devices: Marc Pro, Small Laser, Ice Compression


Post Game Recovery

Promote muscle recovery, reduce soreness, improve overall performance.

This Recovery Room Session Includes assistance with the following devices: Foam Roller, Vertiball, Pso-Rite, Massage Gun, Normatec, Green Band Stretch


Soft Tissue Recovery

Enhance recovery, improve performance with cutting-edge products.

This Recovery Room Session Includes assistance with the following devices: Hyperice Venom, Marc Pro, Laser, Ice

    Our position-specific specialists have tremendous resources, professional knowledge,and a sincere passion for developing football players on all levels. With over 50 years ofcombined professional football playing experience, this program is unmatched and will helpany aspiring football player maximize their talents. The BARWIS facilities have one of thelargest indoor training spaces which allow us to be versatile in our fundamental trainingtechniques.
    Using a completely scientific approach to weight training progression, a cycle will be designed to meet your needs. Every program is individualized for each athlete intended to help them reach their goals specific to their position and the combine. Our trianing is catered to any injuries or biomechanical issues the athlete may be experiencing.
    The BARWIS ARS Screen (Activation Resistance Synergy) is designed to go through every joint and muscle throughout the body to help identify and resolve imbalance and pattern issues an athlete may have. We use these results to write corrective exercises catered to helping the athlete get back on track, fix any imbalances, and help them perform at their maximum capabilities. The BARWIS ARS Screen provides a detailed assessment of the Activation, Inhibition, Range of Motion, Impedance, and Synergistic Patterns of the Neuromuscular System in order to develop a customized corrective exercise program that resolves imbalances, weaknesses, and inefficiencies. Through this process, we are able to establish resilience to injury while improving overall performance and functional movement.
    Dealing with the media and knowing what to say and how to say it, is part of being a professional athlete. We help prepare athletes in communicating who they are and what they can do when addressing media, scouts, head coaches, GMs, and the general public.
    This program focuses on the strengthening and stabilization of the neck, knee, ankle, hips, and shoulder. A stable and effective functioning joint allows for optimum power output, which increases performance while decreasing the risk of common injuries.
    A strong core is an extremely important characteristic of any athlete. It is the center for most body movements, allowing effective transfer of power from upper and lower extremities, and is necessary for increasing your speed, agility, overall strength, explosiveness, and coordination.
    Improve your kinesthetic awareness (knowledge of body position in three-dimensional space). This program utilizes all of the body’s proprioceptors to enhance performance on the field or during activities of daily living. The cycle includes a vast array of exercises to accommodate all levels of training and remove any form of program stagnation.
    These exercises teach the body to utilize the elastic principles of the muscles and increase neural impulse speed through trained activation; this occurs all while reducing the risk of soft-tissue injury. Includes training for the upper and lower body.
    This program will help you maintain and improve your passive and active range of motion in your joints and surrounding muscles; reducing the risk of injury and promoting performance. Many times our common hamstring, back, and knee pain can be caused by inflexibility and tight structures. When following our specialized stretching program, you can eliminate these issues to further prevent any limitations in your performance. Being able to move through a full range of motion can increase power output by optimizing biomechanical leverage position.
    This program provides a proper speed training progression that consists of running mechanics and technique drills. The cycles will encompass resistive running drills, free running for acceleration and top-end speed, and over-speed drills that will focus on neural impulse speed and physiological adaptation.
    This cycle specifically focuses on the central nervous system to enhance change of direction, acceleration, and deceleration, while providing you with the proper progression of drills based on your sport and level of training.

Learn More About Our Equipment

Our Recovery Room is equipped with innovative technology designed to help you recover faster and more comfortably. Discover more down below about our machines, devices, and tools, and how they can benefit your training and rehabilitation goals. 

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