Barwis Family

Mike Barwis is the founder and CEO of the BARWIS family of companies, including the BARWIS Performance Centers. Mike is currently the Senior Advisor of Strength and Conditioning to the New York Mets and is the Director of Sports Science and Human Performance for the Detroit Red Wings; he was a former consultant for the Miami Dolphins.

In 2003, Barwis assumed the responsibility for the West Virginia University Mountaineers football program, while maintaining his position with the Olympic sports. During his tenure at WVU, he designed and implemented programs for all of the Mountaineers 21 varsity sports. His last 5 years at WVU were widely considered to be the golden era in WVU athletics. Barwis has coached 38 National Strength and Conditioning (NSCA) All-Americans and was one of 10 coaches to receive the Bronze Award from the NSCA certification commission. He has trained thousands of professional and Olympic athletes in over 40 sporting events.

In addition, Barwis has been published in numerous journals, magazines, newspapers, written books, and produced several videos. Barwis earned his undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology from the School of Medicine at West Virginia University and his Master’s Degree in Athletic Coaching with an emphasis on strength and conditioning. He also completed coursework in the area of anatomy and physiology at Temple University. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the NSCA, a Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach Emeritus, BMI as a Barwis Methods Master Instructor, and CPR and AED certified.

Mike has been recognized in his field as one of the most influential strength coaches of all time. Additionally, Mike is the star of the Discovery Channel’s hit TV show “American Muscle” which features his work with professional athletes and people with disabilities. Mike has also been featured in many TV, news, radio, and internet shows and is widely recognized as a leading authority on the biomechanics and neuromuscular systems. Mike has become one of the world’s most desired experts in helping elite athletes prevent and recover from sports-related injuries and surgeries.

As a consultant, Mike helps teams and organizations assess their athletes’ biomechanics, works with their medical and strength staff to enhance scientific training protocols, and helps design/redesign facility layouts. He also helps eliminate athletic imbalances and assesses soft tissue and neurological issues with athletes. Often, Mike works directly with team owners and General Managers, advising on beneficial high-level organizational adjustments.

Meet The Family

Michael Barwis

Founder and CEO

Autumn Barwis

President, Director of BARWIS Yoga

Dan Mozes

Vice President, National Director of Training Operations

Nick Montoni

Director of Training Operations (South Florida)

Megan Sundstrom

State Director of Neurological Reengineering (South Florida)

Nick Lucius

Director of Injury Recovery

Jade Wright

Director of Human Resources

Connor Rice

Director of Business Operations (Southeast Michigan)

Bryan Wright

State Director of Training Operations (Florida)

Chris Chambers

Director of Football

Ron Herzog

Facilities Manager

Corbin Boone

Director of Training Operations (Southeast Michigan)

Shane Hall

Assistant Strength Coach

Pam McRoberts

Client Services Representative

Martha Mullett

Assistant Strength Coach

Ismael Cardona

Client Services Representative

Brian Casey


Jake Daniel

Assistant Strength Coach, Director of Strength and Conditioning Internships

Joe Fiorelli

Physical Therapist

Tony Giachetti

Assistant Strength Coach

Stephanie Henslee

Director of Finance

Yaakov Presberg

Client Services Representative

Antonyo Woods

Assistant Strength Coach

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