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Performance Equipment & Facility Build-Out

From professional stadiums, high school weight rooms, and at-home facilities, BARWIS Performance Equipment can handle all aspects of your gym build-out.

BARWIS Performance Equipment can handle all of your flooring and field needs, including rubber flooring, mats, and indoor/outdoor turf. Professional crews do everything from the layout and design to the prep and installation.

The powered by BARWIS, Brighton High School weight room was just voted in the top 10 high school weight rooms in the country by MaxPreps. We designed, outfitted, and implemented our training programs into this facility, with a full-time staff member on-site. 


Want to build your own personal or professional gym?


We can help with everything from the flooring, (rubber, turf, tile) to the walls (graphics, banners, decals) and everything in between (treadmill, free weights, racks and more).

BARWIS Performance Equipment has become a vetting agency for scientifically advanced performance equipment and medical devices that are seeking to enter the sports performance and injury recovery markets.

Domestically and internationally, BARWIS Performance Equipment manufactures and distributes a large variety of the highest quality equipment in the world. Some of our equipment includes custom racks and rigs, to balance pods, exercise bikes, treadmills, barbells, cable-driven, and air pneumatic equipment. BARWIS Performance Equipment is a resource for up-and-coming training equipment worldwide.